5 reasons to bring your game to Russia. Market opportunities for global publishers

Wednesday, November 1st

Publishing By: Irina Tripapina, Mail.Ru Group

Description: the largest Russian Internet company Mail.Ru Group will share tips for entering Russia and making your app successful there. You will learn a lot about the market situation and opportunities: localization insights, success and failure stories of global games in Russia, UA benchmarks. You’ ll see case studies of different game genres that are […]

Adult Gaming – An Emerging Market

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: Publishing By: David Lalonde, Nutaku Kirstin Bosc, Remote Control Production Marco Busse, European games Group AG Taina Ionita, SuperHippo

Description: Welcome to the world of adult games. The adult gaming industry has been struggling to gain credibility and traction in the interactive entertainment market and get the attention it deserves. While Hentai visual novels and ero-games have always appealed to western audiences, it has mostly been considered more of a video game subculture than […]

Ceci n’est pas un jeu. The new state of the games industry.

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Publishing By: Joost van Dreunen, Superdata Research

Description: the games industry today looks nothing like it did thirty years ago. Valued at €90B this year, the market for interactive entertainment continues to thrive when television, film, and other media industries struggle. Content creators and publishers find themselves in a powerful position as traditional media firms seek to understand how games manage to […]

Crowdfunding Dual Universe: our experience on Kickstarter

Categories: Publishing By: Jean-Christophe Baillie, Novaquark

Description: Dual Universe is an ambitious SciFi MMORPG focused on emergent gameplay, with potentially millions of people interacting in the same world at the same time while building, trading and creating their political and economical systems. The game sits somewhere at the crossroad of Eve Online and Minecraft, and is based on several groundbreaking new […]

East meets West, Learning how to succeed in Asia

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: Localization By: Aras Şenyüz, Netmarble EMEA

Description: Aras Senyuz will talk about how to be successful in West with good localization and what Western gaming companies can do to become successful in Asia with case studies from Netmarble titles (Marvel Future Fight, Star Wars Force Arena, Disney Magical Dice, 7 Knights and more) Targeted public: developers, publishers, localization agencies, game enthusiasts, […]

Engaging A Real-Time Multiplayer Community during Soft Launch

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Community Management By: Vincy Kwong, V2 Games Inc.

Description: find out how V2 Games’ live ops team managed events during Beta for Beast Brawlers to boost engagement for a real-time multiplayer mobile game that didn’t have enough players yet. The challenge was to find solutions that were easiest to do but still effective, while making use of multiple tools to track & improve […]

eSports 2.0

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: eSports By: Joost van Dreunen, Superdata Research

Description: competitive gaming has emerged as the quintessential entertainment category for new media audiences. Earning around €839M in annual revenue, competitive gaming offers a fascinating blend of digital entertainment, interactivity, fandom, and spectacle. With major efforts like the Overwatch League and League of Legends franchising taking shape, what can we expect from the budding courtship […]

Fast tracking Mobile Localization : how to translate your entire game in less than 4 months

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Localization By: Kassi O 'Connor, Glu Mobile

Description: TBC Targeted public: TBC Takeaways: TBC

From AAA to Mobile: What you need to know

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Publishing By: Frederic Markus, Feerik Games

Description: After having spent 25 years on AAA console and PC titles, and hearing constantly about Mobile games, Frederic had to take the jump and learn what this market was all about. What he has learned was never exposed to developers and publishers alike the proper way until now. The way Frederic presents what mobile […]

Getting your App featured and what’s next? Ten Hard lessons learned!

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: User Acquisition By: Cvetan Rusimov, Imperia Online

Description: in 2016 Imperia Online flagship title has been featured on Google Play Store, and it was a disaster. They even cancel their featuring date on Apple App Store. They just realized team weren’t ready for this. The game wasn’t on the level both platforms expected from Imperia Online Team. In this lecture Cvetan Rusimov, […]

Horizon Zero Dawn: Creating a QA Partnership

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: Quality-Assurance By: Ana Barbuta, Guerilla Games Jonathan Williams, Sony

Description: An overview of how Developer (Guerrilla) and Publisher QA (SIE) developed a partnership to help deliver a AAA experience. The presentation will focus on the creation of the partnership through the challenges we faced, the support structure we built and how our collaboration helped deliver a quality product to the consumer. We will also […]

How Bigpoint Stems Multilingual Support – A Customer Service Strategy

Categories: Community Management By: Dang Stefan La-Hong, Bigpoint

Description: Bigpoint, as a worldwide operating gaming company is facing several challenges in regards of Customer Service. Especially, operating games in up to 24 languages is quite challenging. Learn how Bigpoint stems multilingual player support in a professional and efficient manner with the goal to achieve a high service standard and customer satisfaction. Targeted public: […]

How publishers and brands are working together in the esports industry.

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: eSports By: Mathieu Lacrouts, Hurrah

Description: with millions of fans watching live the biggest events, esports have caught the eye of hundreds of brands who want to reach the youngest audiences. It’s not surprising anymore to read on a daily basis sponsorship announcements between brands, leagues, teams or pro-gamers. To such extend that sponsorship & advertising deals are set to […]

How to come last in a race to the bottom

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Publishing By: Shams Jorjani, Paradox Interactive

Description: there are more games being released on PC than ever before in the history of PC gaming. Competition is fierce and game quality is high. Yet average game prices are lower than ever and look to be dipping more. Is PC/Steam gaming headed towards the same fate as the appstore? Paradox Interactive will share […]

How to grow a maturing game: hidden UA opportunities in global markets

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: User Acquisition By: Elena Tsarkova, Wooga GmbH

Description: probably every game developer wishes for his game to reach millions of monthly players and being enjoyed over years. Once reached however, it becomes more and more difficult to attract new players and keep growing the game further. The most important markets for casual mobile games in terms of retention and monetization are the […]

How to make your next game go BIG

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: User Acquisition By: Emmanuel Carraud, appChocolate Ltd

Description: appChocolate is an independant app studio based in Cambridge, UK, which develop and publish its own games and entertainment apps under the publisher name appChocolate, MagicSolver and Blue Panda apps. We released successfully over 40 apps and reached over 50 million downloads. We would like to share tips on how to launch successfully a […]

Indie studio signs global publishing deal – case study

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Publishing By: Darren Anderson, Curve Digital Jacek Głowacki, iFun4all S.A.

Description: Pros and cons of signing global publishing deal for PC and consoles when you’re an indie developer. Art of negotiation. How to achieve your goals when it comes to financial security? Negotiating with publisher and board at the same time. Could lawyers be the deal-breakers? What to remember when looking for compromise? What is […]

Inhouse analytics made easy for everyone

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Monetization By: Marco Busse, European games Group AG

Description: the talk will focus on the pros and cons of self-developed analytics tools and how one actually gets started with building and integrating them into their games with real world examples and experiences build in. It will also touch on possible starting points, setups and technologies used as well as usecases for indie devs […]

Is cloud gaming the next big thing? Again?

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: Publishing By: Anne-Laure Caffin, SFR Jean Zeid, France Info Mustapha Toumi, Samsung Olivier Avaro, Blacknut Olivier Massière, Orange Stephane Lerouyer, Warner Bros Entertainment

Description: cloud Gaming is making a comeback and has a bunch of aces up its sleeve this time, but is the technology ready? And more importantly, is technology enough? The keynote focuses on the revival of Cloud Gaming and how the industry can shape this new distribution avenue to address some of its current challenges. […]

Live Ops Monetization techniques in Casual Games

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Monetization By: Mohammad Agha, Magmic Inc.

Description: In this talk Mohammad Agha, COO of Magmic, discusses what Magmic does for monetization and retention in Casual Games using Live Operations and Event management. This talk would cover specific Use Cases and give examples using real world games. Targeted public: anyone that wants to know about monetization and retention techniques in Casual Games […]

Localisation and games production for kids content

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: Localization By: Antonio Grasso, Turner International

Description: TBC Targeted public: games producers, digital producers, localisation professionals Takeaways: understanding the localisation and production challenges we face when targeting young audiences, and what we do to try and minimise their impact/disruptions.

New App Store – What you need to know

Categories: User Acquisition By: Ivana Davidov, Nordeus

Description: Apple has changed the App Store for the first time in years. This talk will cover the most relevant changes that developers should focus on as well as some tips and personal views on how to leverage these trends in order to stand out. Targeted public: Marketing, Publishing teams, Indie developers (anyone taking care […]

Organics don’t exist : Let’s assess marketing efforts correctly

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: User Acquisition By: Mickael Bougis, Flaregames

Description: for too long, mobile game publishers have been separating their reporting into paid users (those that can be tracked) and “organic” traffic (those that can’t). In this talk, Mickael will dig into the myth surrounding “organics”, why publishers have not made headway in understanding this major chunk of their user base and give instant […]

Physical is not Dead

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Publishing By: Christina Seelye, Maximum Games

Description: While the digital market – and the consumer comfort within it – is growing, studies show that demand for physical product remains constant. It is true that there are clear advantages with digital distribution (in cost, longevity, and flexibility). Yet, the physical market is far from dead. In fact, the majority of console gamers […]

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS: Building a Game With The Community

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: eSports By: Brendan Greene, Bluehole Inc. Marek Krasowski, Bluehole Inc. Pawel Smolewski, Bluehole Inc.

Description: PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has sold more than two million copies worldwide, remains in the number one slot on Steam and the top five most watched game on Twitch. Brendan Greene (aka PLAYERUKNOWN) will share his experience in going from modder to Creative Director for Bluehole. He and the team will highlight things learned from his […]

Pure indie mobile releases: case study

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Publishing By: Alexey Izvalov, FGL

Description: the results of the case study of successful and not-so-successful fully independent mobile releases are resented. The outstanding developers of FGL community (which has 45 000 members) and other communities’ members were asked to describe, how did they achieve first 100, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1M and 10M installs. The common good and bad practices […]

QA & Loc Open Space Conference – Talk about topics relevant to you

Wednesday, November 1st

Categories: Localization , Quality-Assurance By: Artur Foxander, Paradox Interactive

Description: Talk about topics relevant to you

Shipping Quality on Battlefield 1

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: Quality-Assurance By: David King, Electronic Arts

Description: Battlefield 1 is one of the largest, most ambitious, and technically challenging games EA DICE has ever shipped. With over 20 million unique players it was a global effort with hundreds of developers on numerous continents bringing unique challenges. Customer anticipation for the title was at fever pitch, and delivering a stable high quality […]

The many faces of Spanish Localization

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: Localization By: Dario Quondamstefano, Wooga

Description: in this research, we dove into what are our Spanish speaking audience preferences when it comes to Spanish translations. Is there a universal Spanish we can use? Can we adapt one translation and make it sound more local towards other Spanish speaking countries? What is the Spanish variant that is more likely to be […]

Undiscovered territory : 30 million players are waiting for you in Iran

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: Publishing By: Mohammad Moallemi, Cafe Bazaar

Description: Cafe Bazaar is the leading Android store in based in Iran, covering 33 million active users, 21,500 active developers and a total of 111,600 published Apps by the end of 2016. The eye-catching growth of 2016 indicates there is much more room for growth in Iran’s mobile App industry. The number of participants in […]

What challenges do game developers face to create a competitive game which could be recognized as an esport game?

Thursday, November 2nd

Categories: eSports By: Olivier Paradis, Webedia Toornament

Description: Why are we talking so much about esports? No one can argue against the fact that tournaments are at the heart of esports. We know that competition means player retention and storytelling. Some examples of synergies between game studios, tournament organizers and media thanks to one platform: Toornament are presented: dedicated official league websites […]