Efficient QA For Self-Publishing

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 3 Quality-Assurance By: Noyan Culum, Gamelab Istanbul

Description: Most selp-published studios do not have the chance to perform quality control tests on a professional level. Developers are releasing their games that they consider subjectively enough. However, these products often fall below the quality standards required by publishers. The quality standards that the games should have do not occur either during the launch […]

Five Ways a Direct to Consumer Strategy Can Work for Your Studio

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 3 Categories: Publishing / Business By: Brooke Van Dusen, Xsolla

Description: Direct to Consumer sales is one of the hottest trends in eCommerce today, but what about gaming? With an explosion in new tools and services that make it easier than ever to sell directly to players, it’s essential for any developer that wants to build and sustain their studio as a long-term business to […]

How we can keep the Quality with 1 to 2 Inhouse QA per title

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 3 Categories: Quality-Assurance By: Enrico Mareth, Gameforge

Description: As a publisher of various titles as GaaS, we learned in Quality Assurance how to maintain and improve quality, but still keep costs manageable while maintaining efficiency and quality. In this panel we show our insights we had when we rebuilt our structure to test updates in the same quality and time with only […]

Kids games monetization: challenges and proven solution

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 3 Categories: Monetization By: Galyna Iefremova, Bini Bambini

Description: Kids game industry is considered complicated for business. Kids are not making purchases. Most monetization models are hardly applicable for kids games. Galyna will share the story of Bini Bambini that managed to grow four times in revenue in less than a year producing apps only for small kids. Audience: Cases shared during the […]

Localization case studies from Netmarble

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 3 Categories: Localization By: Baris Ozistek, Netmarble

Description: Case studies of localization processes of Netmarble games in terms of language, culture, physical appearance of the characters, outfits, accessories, objects and more. Audience: Developers, publishers, other sectors doing business in different countries and cultures. Attendee Takeaways: Highlighting the importance of adaptation of the games to a new market segment with their own linguistic […]

Missed Monetisation Opportunities: 5 Major Mistakes in Analytics

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 3 Categories: Monetization By: Ivee Feria-Padua, King

Description: Loss of revenue is generally a function of weak retention and monetisation, and this talk aims to cover the 5 major mistakes in analytics that lead to weak monetisation because of missed opportunities. In my experience of game business analytics across different countries, game genres, and platforms, the focus is usually on 2 things: […]

Partnership models in the age of consolidation

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 3 Categories: Monetization , Panel By: Henry Lowenfels, Scopely Alina Gribanova, BoomBit

Description: In this talk, a panel of mobile game leaders will speak to the importance of partnership models in the age of consolidation. The rising trend of consolidation across the media industry showcases that we are moving toward a more concentrated competitive landscape. In the gaming market specifically, both publishers and studios are working to […]

Pick Your Targets Well, and Hit That Bullseye!

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 3 Categories: Localization By: Tamara Tirjak, Frontier Developments

Description: How do you choose in which languages/regions you should localize your games? What should you take into account in order to make a smart decision? Answering these questions is the key to increase the return on your localisation investment.

Thinking about building an inhouse Localization team? The 5 Ws and How

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 3 Categories: Localization By: Estelle Bailly, Hi-Rez Studios

Description: Here’s the truth: Localization is still far too often considered as a pain by many developers and publishers. Don’t deny it! This is a fact… and also one of my key learnings after 20 years in the videogame localization industry. Unfortunately, if you don’t keep an expert eye for it, localization costs can become […]