[Teach me] how to steer a team of cats, unicorns, and other unique creatures

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 2 xDev By: Juney Dijkstra, Soedesco

Description: This interactive session will dive into challenges faced by (aspiring) department leads in (growing) small to mid-size companies, with a focus on topics pertaining to steering internal and / or external teams to greater effectiveness, efficiency and enjoyment. The audience will be asked to select several topics to ensure relevancy, which will be followed […]

A year of ASO AB tests. ZooCraft review

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 2 Categories: User Acquisition By: Sergei Kharchenko, Creative Mobile

Description: This Session we will talk about our experience in A/B testing game creatives on Google Play with our mobile title ZooCraft: Animal Family. We managed to increase our page view/installs conversion for the most important countries. Topics: The connection between UA and ASO creatives Gathering our core audience’s psychological portrait and predicting the reaction […]

Building a Request For Proposals – From a game developer perspective

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 2 Categories: xDev By: Arthur Faure, Ubisoft

Description: From the expression and the definition of a production need to the partner selection, a project goes through several stages that are often unclear from the vendor side. Being applicable to any kind of production external service, this sessions aims at giving visibility on how we build Request For Proposals and what are the […]

Building Games with Amazon Game Tech

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 2 Categories: xDev By: Alexis Dahan, Amazon Game Tech France

Description: As a studio or publisher, want to learn more about how to take advantage of the cloud? In this session, you will learn more about the cross-platform building blocks available to help you innovate game creation, the solutions from across Amazon you can match to every stage of your game’s lifecycle and the real-world […]

Cross-platform effects on free-to-play user acquisition

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 2 Categories: Publishing / Business By: Julien Verner, Bytro Labs

Description: TBA

Diversifying Your Partner mix – Strategies for Testing & onboarding Ad networks

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 2 Categories: User Acquisition By: Rob Jenkins, Gram Games

Description: In this session we’ll be taking a look at the best ways to approach the onboarding and testing new ad networks as a UA team. Topics include: • When and why you should (and should NOT) be onboarding new adnetworks • What types of networks are on offer • Where to source new networks […]

Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The future of online community management means context is king

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 2 Categories: xDev By: Simon Usiskin, JWR Ventures

Description: With the ever-changing nature and increasing subtlety of online abuse, how can progressive games developers and community managers keep pace with the trolls? With traditional methods of moderation struggling to stay on top of the challenge, what can AI bring to the table? And how can we use new technology and AI to maximise […]

Growing your Games Successfully in China – The next stop for casual/hyper casual games

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 2 Categories: Publishing / Business By: Laeticia Ye, Mobvista Carole Wai Hai, Tenjin

Description: We’ve worked with many gaming and non-gaming publishers to promote their titles in China. Our presentation will help bring you up to speed with the latest market trends in China, as well as the Chinese media landscape. On top of that, we will also show you different approaches to promoting games successfully in China. […]

How to make your next app go big

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 2 Categories: User Acquisition By: Emmanuel Carraud, appChocolate Ltd

Description: appChocolate is an independent app studio based in Cambridge, UK, which develop and publish its own games and entertainment apps under the publisher name appChocolate, MagicSolver and Blue Panda apps. We released successfully over 40 apps and reached over 50 million downloads. We would like to share tips on how to launch successfully a […]

How to market your console game

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 2 Categories: User Acquisition By: Pierre Chetreff, The Chetreff Company Adrien Briatta, Shiro Games

Description: TBA Audience: TBA Attendee Takeaways: TBA

Publishers talk creating new IP and working with Vendors

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 2 Categories: Panel , Publishing / Business , xDev By: Bobby Wertheim, Sega Giovanna Villani, 505 Games Markus Wilding, Private Division Anh Luong, Miniclip

Description: In the session, publishers will openly discuss how they assess studios to select the right partner for the creation of new IP as well as the selection process for studios to collaborate with as outsource partners. They will also identify the key best practices when reaching out to publishers to pitch for a new […]

Secret to top performing playable ads

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 2 Categories: User Acquisition By: Johan Lofstrom, Playable Platform

Description: Making beautiful playable ads is nice but high performing ads is what really matters. To get there, in-depth data analysis, structured iterations and lot’s of testing of your playable ads is key. Learn from our 4 years of tactics and expertise at Playable Platform and let us share real-life examples from some top game […]

The rise of the adult gaming market

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 2 Categories: User Acquisition By: Jeff Tremblay, Nutaku

Description: The adult gaming market as an alternative to the overcrowded stores. Developers are struggling to get funding and ensure discoverability of their games on the mainstream games. Let’s take a dive into a market vertical that is growing at a rapid pace: The Adult Game market. We’ll look into the main stores’ issues and […]

Top 10 Tips on How To Work With MENA Influencers

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 2 Categories: User Acquisition By: Mariela Tzvetanova, Imperia Online JSC

Description: User acquisition for mobile games nowadays requires tailored solutions for the language and culture of the region. Gary Vaynerchuk sees influencers as a tremendous way to build brand equity and get the word out there about your product, especially if you are trying to spread the word to a specific audience. The lecture will […]

What you can learn from top game developers, improving your profitability, success and organic traffic through ASO

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 2 Categories: User Acquisition By: Jami Wardman, Lab Cave Games

Description: After launching over 300 titles, achieving over 200 million organic downloads, doing over 2,000 updates and more than 3,500 a/b tests, one thing is clear, Lab Cave has mastered how to increase their mobile traffic and visibility. In this session, Jami Wardman will cover some insights on what Lab Cave team has learned and […]