A year of ASO AB tests. ZooCraft review

Wednesday, October 30th

User Acquisition By: Sergei Kharchenko, Creative Mobile

Description: This Session we will talk about our experience in AB testing of game creatives for Google Play with our mobile title ZooCraft: Animal Family. We managed to increase our page view/installs conversion for the most important countries. Topics : The connection between UA and ASO creatives Gathering our core audience’s psychological portrait and prediction […]

Performing Soft Launch for new mobile games: A phased planning approach

Categories: User Acquisition By: Andrej Kugonic, Nordeus

Description: Detailed description of our soft launch approach with different phases and tactics within them across different marketing functions. How to align product and marketing goals and get the most out of the marketing budget you have. Audience:Product Marketing, User Acquisition and marketing people in general working in the gaming and app industry.