The power of one-click mobile gaming

Tuesday, December 8th

User Acquisition By: Benjamin Athuil, CareGame

Description: Downloads represent the current mandatory step for enjoying a mobile game, but this step reaches its limits today.. isn’t another way possible? Learn how one-click mobile gaming can open a lot of doors thanks to streaming technologies. 1) Downloading a game comes with more and more limitations (size of games, compatability, conversion funnel) 2) […]

UA Creative and the Business of Art

Friday, December 11th

Categories: User Acquisition By: William Hughes, Tilting Point

Description: Attendees of this session will learn how to successfully implement creative art and design to improve user acquisition from project ideation and conceptual development to delivery. The talk will be led by William Hughes, VP of Creative at Tilting Point — a progressive publisher with a $132M user acquisition fund (profitably running UA on […]