Efficient QA For Self-Publishing

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 3 Quality-Assurance By: Noyan Culum, Gamelab Istanbul

Description: Most self-published studios do not have the chance to perform quality control tests on a professional level. Developers are releasing their games that they consider subjectively enough. However, these products often fall below the quality standards required by publishers. The quality standards that the games should have do not occur either during the launch […]

How we can keep the Quality with 1 to 2 Inhouse QA per title

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 3 Categories: Quality-Assurance By: Enrico Mareth, Gameforge

Description: As a publisher of various titles as GaaS, we learned in Quality Assurance how to maintain and improve quality, but still keep costs manageable while maintaining efficiency and quality. In this panel we show our insights we had when we rebuilt our structure to test updates in the same quality and time with only […]