Consolidation (M&A) and Investments in the gaming space

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 1 Panel , Publishing / Business By: Andrew Ponomar, Enter Capital Sean Lee, Wargaming Thibaud Morin, Level Up Alexei Kudriashov, Sperasoft Studious Ferdinand Pons, Gameloft

Description: Executives of top video gaming companies and industry experts will discuss consolidation (M&A) and investment trends in the industry. Audience: Owners of independent studios, Executives of large publishers Attendee Takeaways: • When to consider a strategic partnership or acquisition • How new streaming services and next generation of consoles will drive the M&A market […]

Investing in Gaming: How do we pick

Wednesday, October 30th

À Room 1 Categories: Panel , Publishing / Business By: Mickael Bougis, Phoenix Games Patryk Hamerlak, Vivid Games Riccardo Comazzi, Tencent Guillaume Lautour, Level Up LK Shelley, Affiniti Ventures

Description: In this session, the panelists will explain how they pick investment opportunities within the few hundred to few thousands they have in backlog. Panelists will detail what is important for them, what they look for, how they look at the company but also how they look at the game. Audience: Any studio management team […]

Partnership models in the age of consolidation

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 3 Categories: Monetization , Panel By: Henry Lowenfels, Scopely Alina Gribanova, BoomBit Miikka Luotio, Superscale Tobias Edl, WHOW Games

Description: In this talk, a panel of mobile game leaders will speak to the importance of partnership models in the age of consolidation. The rising trend of consolidation across the media industry showcases that we are moving toward a more concentrated competitive landscape. In the gaming market specifically, both publishers and studios are working to […]

Publishers talk creating new IP and working with Vendors

Tuesday, October 29th

À Room 2 Categories: Panel , Publishing / Business , xDev By: Bobby Wertheim, Sega Giovanna Villani, 505 Games Markus Wilding, Private Division Anh Luong, Miniclip

Description: In the session, publishers will openly discuss how they assess studios to select the right partner for the creation of new IP as well as the selection process for studios to collaborate with as outsource partners. They will also identify the key best practices when reaching out to publishers to pitch for a new […]