Conference details | November 3-4

Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator and its self-publishing strategy

Friday, November 4th

Investment By: Elisa Farinetti, Broken Arms Games

Description: This lecture will go through Broken Arms Games’ post-release strategy for “Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator” in order to keep up sales numbers and make the most out of the game for a year straight. Taking care of a released product daily is making a huge impact on Broken Arms Games’ finances and we […]

State of the Gaming Investment Environment: How do you finance you studio in 2022? (Panel – 50Mins)

Friday, November 4th

Categories: Investment By: Micha Katz, Aream & Co Zhihao Liu, NetEase Games Stéphane Rappeneau, Hawkswell Studios Florent Simon, Play Ventures

Description: With unprecedented level of capital flowing into gaming, studios have access to a variety of solutions to finance development and growth. This panel will explore key characteristics and differences between various financial instruments such as equity capital, project finance, publishing deals and non-diluting UA financing solutions. With panelists representing venture capital, strategic investors and […]

Top Trends and Best Practices from Mobile Games in 2022

Thursday, November 3rd

Categories: Investment By: Erno Kiiski, GameRefinery