Łukasz Stawarz (he/his) is the UX Research & Accessibility Coordinator at All in! Games. A UX enthusiast and accessibility advocate with a background in sociology and philosophy, Łukasz joined All in! in August 2019 as a producer (Ghostrunner, Tools Up!, Paradise Lost) and supported UX research efforts from the very beginning of his gaming career. His support for a user-centered approach resulted in being handed the task of creating and leading the UX research team for the company in early 2021. Łukasz’ focus is on expanding the UX Research Department at All in! Games, broadening its portfolio of offered research services and steering it in a data-driven development path.

Lukasz Stawarz sessions

Creating Meaningful UX Processes For Indies On a Budget
Wednesday, December 1st

Description: This talk will teach listeners how to easily turn day to day development actions into UX research efforts that can help developers create more user-friendly games and, in turn, cater to wider audiences. The key pillars of the presentation focus on designing, (play)testing and debriefing analyzed through a UX lense, identifying possible ways developers […]