speaker Micro Winning Strategies for Indie Game Studios
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Winning Strategies for Indie Game Studios

Date : Thursday, October 31st - 11.30 - 12.00 > Room 1

Description: I would like to share some Winning Strategy for Indie studios (those who don't spend millions in Marketing or Paid UA each month :p) to grow their player base and engage their players for years. At Pixowl, we are launching only 1 new game per year and we keep updating them using a fine-tuned LiveOps strategy. The results? Our games have had in October 2018 their best month ever, even after 3 or 4 years of existence! Pixowl was acquired then by Animoca Brands in August 2018 and continues to produce successful city-builder games. We have been able to create a large and engaged player base with these techniques I'd like to share.

Audience: Game Developers

Attendee Takeaways:
  • Finding the right audience for your game - it's market of niches!
  • Engaging with a Community of your most engaged players and working with them to design your game and its future updates
  • Adapting LiveOps recipes for (very) small indie teams. Maximising profitability!
  • Using Alpha/Beta to pre-launch your game and collect feedbacks


Sebastien Borget (PIXOWL)