speaker Micro What makes a hyper-casual publishing success? Lessons from Rocket Sky! and OverTake
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What makes a hyper-casual publishing success? Lessons from Rocket Sky! and OverTake

Date : Thursday, December 10th - 11.00 - 11.30 >

Description: Both Rocket Sky! and OverTake are mobile hits of the kind that most developers strive for: Rocket Sky! has been downloaded more than 26 million times, while it took OverTake only two weeks after being signed by a publisher to top charts in multiple countries. Kwalee’s Publishing Manager Jack Griffin will explain how both were achieved by great collaboration between publisher and developer, and how others can embrace the fast-moving world of hyper-casual to find similar success.

The talk will provide some insights into the making of both games, from the moment they initially grabbed Kwalee's attention to their successful global launches and beyond. This includes some quick pointers to developers on how they can turn publishers’ heads just as effectively, with Jack providing key insights into the hyper-casual game publishing process by explaining some of the major developments and iterations that both Rocket Sky! and OverTake went through during the publishing process, which elevated them to the level required of global hits. Finally, Jack will share what he sees as the primary factors behind the successes of each game and present his advice to those seeking to achieve the same.

Audience: Ideal for independent developers or anyone curious about hyper-casual development, this talk requires no specialist hyper-casual knowledge and is intended to give some insight into what hyper-casual publishers are looking for and how they work with developers.

Attendee takeaways: - Key insights into how hyper-casual publishers collaborate with developers
- Exploration of what makes a game with strong hyper-casual potential and how to attract a publisher's interest in it
- Concrete case studies and examples of changes Kwalee made with developers to maximise a game's potential.

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Jack Griffin (Kwalee)