speaker Micro What macrotrends are shaping the gaming industry?

What macrotrends are shaping the gaming industry?

Date : Thursday, November 2nd - 13.00 - 13.30 > Room 1

Description: At Ubisoft, we believe that in order to anticipate the future, you need to have a global understanding of what’s happening outside the gaming industry and even outside the entertainment industry. Macrotrends are global forces shaping society and which develop over the course of years. This presentation highlights how macro-trends influence the evolution of the gaming industry. One of the trends we will look into is the development of artificial intelligence and what it means for games.

Targeted public: Anyone interested in understanding how the future of the industry is being defined today.

Takeaways: You will learn how the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab works to identify trends that will influence the future of the gaming industry. You will also learn about specific trends shaping the industry.


Lidwine Sauer (Ubisoft)