speaker Micro Vehicle Sound Design for Farming Simulator
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Vehicle Sound Design for Farming Simulator

Date : Friday, November 4th - 10.30 - 11.00 >

Kris is showcasing the audio pipeline for recording and implementing vehicles into the Farming Simulator series.   He discusses their approach to recording tractors, detailing the equipment, techniques, and conditions that are used to capture the sound of these complex machines.   Next, he demonstrates how audio recordings are edited and processed to make high-quality audio assets. This includes effective processing, semi-automated editing using custom actions within Reaper, and some tricks & tips on how to create perfect seamless loops.   After this, the real-time processing of Farming Simulator vehicle audio is explored in detail. He demonstrates methods for analyzing on/offload audio recordings to extract useable EQ profiles, which can be used as a basis for real-time processing to create a dynamic load sound.   Finally, he details the implementation process for vehicles, covering the use of in-game parameter changes and sound modifiers. This brings the recordings and audio assets to life, creating a sense of dynamism and interactivity in-line with real-world tractors.          
Key session takeaways:
  • Approaches and techniques for effective vehicle recording.
  •  Sound processing techniques and approaches to creating seamless loop-able audio assets.
  • Workflow improvements for repetitive asset creation.
  • Methods of creating a dynamic ‘load’ sound for vehicles.
  • Implementation of ideas for increasing interactivity between vehicle sound layers.


Kris Caprani (GIANTS Software )