speaker Micro UA Creative and the Business of Art
User Acquisition

UA Creative and the Business of Art

Date : Friday, December 11th - 11.00 - 11.30 >

Description: Attendees of this session will learn how to successfully implement creative art and design to improve user acquisition from project ideation and conceptual development to delivery. The talk will be led by William Hughes, VP of Creative at Tilting Point -- a progressive publisher with a $132M user acquisition fund (profitably running UA on 30 games currently). Hughes can discuss how studios - large or small - can work across teams to reach global audiences locally, how to increase user engagement and decrease CPIs to scale new and existing games; he’ll also provide guidelines that will help companies make confident data-driven decisions when producing UA creatives, addressing questions including “How many creatives do I need for my game?,” “Should I outsource them?,” ”How do I know if my creative is successful?,” “How much should they cost?,” “What are testing best practices?,” “Where do you get ideas?,” “Does art style matter?,” Is storytelling important?” and many more. Overall, the discussion will shed a light on how to achieve user growth goals and game integrations that expand the reach and lifetime value of the game.

Audience: This session is for mobile game developers that are looking to improve user acquisition, as well as retention numbers for their games. It is also for all parties interested in running successful UA creative (Recommended for UA Managers, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Marketing Managers and Jr to Sr Level marketing artists).

Attendee takeaways: Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of how to address producing successful UA creatives across different networks in ways that work both for their studios and for their games.

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William Hughes (Tilting Point)