speaker Micro The power of one-click mobile gaming
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The power of one-click mobile gaming

Date : Tuesday, December 8th - 15.00 - 15.30 >

Description: Downloads represent the current mandatory step for enjoying a mobile game, but this step reaches its limits today.. isn't another way possible?

Learn how one-click mobile gaming can open a lot of doors thanks to streaming technologies.
1) Downloading a game comes with more and more limitations (size of games, compatability, conversion funnel)
2) What is One-Click mobile gaming? How does it work? What's its advantages and limitations?

Cloud mobile gaming is coming and has A LOT of potential for many reasons, but i will never replace the advantages of the DL Stores. Which is a good thing... asboth aren't mutually exclusive :)

At a time when pressure is higher and higher on the AppStore, it's high time to explore efficient alternatives.

Audience: This talk is a perfect fit for mobile game publishers, but also developers who can self-publish their games. Hence, Indie developers but also large publishers should definitely attend! The topic can adress game genres that range from hypercasual game to midcore games (actually: the heavier the game, the more interesting it is!)
No special prerequisite knowledge is needed, as technology will be wrapped up to be understood by anyone.

Attendee takeaways: • It's now possible to run any mobile game without download, whatever the device: a world 1st innovation.
• Cloud mobile gaming has many advantages but will be more efficient for certain types of games (in terms of gameplay, but also monetization)
• We need to anticipate future trends in the distribution ecosystem and its consequences.

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Benjamin Athuil (CareGame)