speaker Micro Missed Monetisation Opportunities: 5 Major Mistakes in Analytics

Missed Monetisation Opportunities: 5 Major Mistakes in Analytics

Date : Tuesday, October 29th - 10.30 - 11.30 > Room 3

Description: Loss of revenue is generally a function of weak retention and monetisation, and this talk aims to cover the 5 major mistakes in analytics that lead to weak monetisation because of missed opportunities. In my experience of game business analytics across different countries, game genres, and platforms, the focus is usually on 2 things:
(1) reporting ‘what’ the KPIs and metrics are
(2) analysing ‘why’ KPIs and metrics are weak.
But if a game is to monetise effectively, we need to start looking at the ‘how’ by using data and analytics to reveal opportunities that will inform game designers and developers on what exactly they can action on. The talk will discuss what the fatal mistakes are, why they are fatal, what KPIs and metrics to look for, and what to do instead.

Audience: Gaming companies that already have an analytics team in place and would like to learn more about effectively using their teams to improve monetisation.


Ivee Feria-Padua (King)