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Smart self publishing guide to kickstart your studio

Date : Tuesday, December 8th - 16.30 - 17.00 >

Description: In this lecture, I will share tips that I've learned in the last five years going from a solo amateur game developer to forming my own independent studio of six people.

I will talk about the importance of setting realistic goals according to your production scope and growing on each iteration. Specifically, I will talk about my personal experience of self-publishing a small indie game, "BalanCity", on PC, being particularly aware of my limitations and responsibilities that self-publishing means to a single developer, doing the right marketing which zero budget, releasing updates to keep the players engaged and having a good rapport with youtubers and streamers.

Next, I will talk about turning the modest success of Balancity, selling over 75k copies on Steam, into a leveraging tool when negotiating with possible partners, both to port the game to mobile, accessing government grants and finding funds from publishers for new projects.

I will focus on the challenge of, after securing funds from investors, growing from a single one-man-army to a six-person studio, leaving the comfort of garage development to finding a physical space, dealing with business and finance stuff, especially during hard economic times and global conjunctures such as the ongoing pandemic.

Audience: Independent game developers and small studios developing their first projects looking for insights on how to self publish their game and formalize their structure as a solid studio.

Attendee takeaways: Attendees will get an insight into what to expect when self-publishing a PC game, making the most out of the experience and capitalize that when negotiating with potential partners.

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Fernando Cordoba (MeNic Games)