speaker Micro Should I put my titles on a Netflix for games?
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Should I put my titles on a Netflix for games?

Date : Thursday, October 31st - 11.00 - 11.30 > Room 1

Description: Since Google's Stadia, Microsoft Xcloud project, Amazon and other big players announced their cloud gaming services the topic is hot. Are you thinking about bringing your games to a cloud gaming platform? Do you want to know which services are out there? Which business models or technical requirements they ask for? Is it worth it or not yet?
Content of the session:
1. Gaming is a huge industry shifting to streaming, just like music and video
2. Recent industry events are accelerating industry transformation
3. Industry transformation will greatly increase addressable market
4. Who are the ones that will use game streaming services
5. Phase 1 target audience: Families
6. Phase 2 target audience: Gamers in developing countries
7. Phase 3 target audience: Hardcore Gamers
1. Let's play a games ! guess how many cloud gaming services are out there
2. Streaming services types:
- PC Streaming
- File Streaming
- Virtual PC
- Cloud Games
- Gaming on demand (video)
- Gaming on demand (commands)
3. Let's play a game Results!

1. Functionalities overview
2. Building a service with 3 key product components
3. Cloud gaming business models
4. Regions, exclusivity and streaming rights
5. Technical requirements
6. Risks and cons
7. Pros

1. So, should I put my titles on a Netflix for games?

Audience: The digital rights holders of any videogame (from small indie developers to small and medium publishers). The Digital Rights for Cloud Gaming are a new asset that companies own and that can provide a new revenue stream.

Attendee Takeaways: Overview of the cloud gaming space. Learn about different types of services, business models, technical requirements, opportunities and risks


Juan Carrillo (PlayGiga)