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Publishing your game in the MENA region

Date : Wednesday, December 9th - 11.30 - 12.00 >

Description: Tamatem is the leading mobile game publisher in the MENA region. The MENA region is a very attractive place for game developers and publishers to publish their games, it has the highest ARPPU in the world and the number of Arabic games on the app store is very minimal. The Arab mobile games market is undeserved.

In MENA, the relatively high penetration of smartphones (60% against a global average of 28%) suggests that mobile games could achieve unprecedented traction in the region.

Smart-phone penetration in Saudi Arabia and the UAE specifically has surpassed 75% of the population, with more than 55% of users accessing the Internet through their data plans (Strategy&). the idea, its relevance, its innovative points.

The key Arabic markets of Saudi Arabia and UAE have higher smartphone adoption rates than the USA. There are 100 million smartphone users across the target markets of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Algeria, Lebanon and Jordan, and the market continues to grow at a rate of 15% per year. Smartphone adoption in the region is expected to reach over 150 million users by 2018 .

The average revenue per paying users is among the highest in the world. The MENA market averages $270 while China for example averages $31 Tamatem published more than 50 games in the region and all of them reached top charts. Learn more about howto publish a game in the MENA region, how to handle its marketing, support, localization, monetization, and the best practices from the leading mobile game publisher in the MENA region.

Audience: Mobile publishers, Mobile developers, Marketing companies, Technology enthusiast, Gaming entrepreneurs, Startups

Attendee takeaways: - How to publish a game successfully in the MENA region
- Game monetization
- User acquisition
- Localization VS translation
- Best practices
- Real case studies
- Data driven decisions
- Whales management
- Support inside the game

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Eyad Al Basheer (Tamatem Inc.)