speaker Micro Partnership models in the age of consolidation
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Partnership models in the age of consolidation

Date : Tuesday, October 29th - 14.00 - 15.00 > Room 3

Description: In this talk, a panel of mobile game leaders will speak to the importance of partnership models in the age of consolidation. The rising trend of consolidation across the media industry showcases that we are moving toward a more concentrated competitive landscape. In the gaming market specifically, both publishers and studios are working to define the right structure for success to scale over time. How can we all continue to evolve? When should we consider M&A or investments? Should those be through VCs or strategic partners? Is third party publishing still a viable model in this new day? Are there certain game genres that are winning? How do you choose the right partners for success? How can companies leverage technology to scale in the age of consolidation? Audience: Industry professionals, publishers, distributors and game developers looking to understand partnership models in the age of consolidation -- from an industry-veteran point of view will benefit from this session. Attendee Takeaways: Attendees should have Drawing from his deep expertise in mobile gaming -- from the start of Scopely -- to a $1B, 800 employee company today, hear Henry's unique perspective.


Henry Lowenfels (Scopely ) Alina Gribanova (BoomBit) Miikka Luotio (Superscale) Tobias Edl (WHOW Games)