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Next-Gen Business

Date : Wednesday, October 30th - 10.00 - 11.00 > Room 4

Description: Moderated panel with a selection of independent developers and publishers to discuss the anticipated changes in the industry over the next year and beyond. What do new streaming technologies, emerging platforms and subscription services mean from a business perspective and how are developers and publishers adapting their business models to be future-proof.

Audience: Whether you are a developer, publisher, distributor or service provider, this panel will offer helpful insights from various industry perspectives on the changing business landscape for games. Moderated by Martijn van Doorn, agent at DDM (Digital Development Management), who are representing clients in nearly all areas of the gaming industry including both developers and publishers.

Attendee Takeaways: This panel will provide an opportunity to learn about different ways in which both developers and publishers are adapting their business to be future-proof, while also offering a chance to ask your questions directly to the panelists through a Q&A round.


Martijn Van Doorn (DDM) Terence Mosca (Tequila Works) Heikki Repo (Cornfox & Bros) Julien Bourgeouis (Artisan Game Studios)