speaker Micro Negotations lowball and highball like a pro
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Negotations lowball and highball like a pro

Date : Wednesday, October 30th - 11.30 - 12.00 > Room 1

Description: "Negotiations without other options is not negotiations - it is damage control". During this sessions you will learn practical tips and most powerful negotiations strategies and techniques. It will also answer the question: why preparation is so important and why the biggest risk of lowball is when it gets accepted by other side. As a bonus you will learn how to turn weakness into advantage and disarm the other side.

Audience: Anyone interested in knowing more about Negotiations. Prerequisites: experience in negotiations.

Attendee Takeaways: The main takeaway of the lecture is to understand when negotiations actually start and how to approach them to gain advantage. Most common techniques and countermoves will also be presented.


Patryk Hamerlak (Vivid Games )