speaker Micro METAVERSE: Quo Vadis – 2024 ! (The 5 year Content acceleration )

METAVERSE: Quo Vadis  – 2024 ! (The 5 year Content acceleration )

Date : Thursday, November 3rd - 10.30 - 11.00 >

Description: The METAVERSE is a “big buzz” these days. Evolutionary there are four main layers that are independently in development. Their impact, both globallly and on the multi-billion macro economics within the digital ecosystems is exponential. Cryptogaming is evolving slowly with a critical perception within the gaming industry. However “virtual interactive gaming experiences and content” is seen as the core driver in Metaverse developments. This presentation shall demonstrate that the Metaverse is not AR/VR, ….is not (just gaming), ……is not Web3, ….it is not for a small group of users. The Metaverse is for three billion gamers globally that are the target audiende of today. However Dezentralization and Interoperation is what makes the difference in the years to come.
Intended audience: Audience ist Everyone ! By purpose this session is designed to attract all attendies at Games Connection 2022. Clearly the expectation is to explain the opportunities for any game developer and -publisher that wants to shift into Blockchain Gaming and Crypto Game Development. This said, it is mandatory to understand the “levels and layers” of the metaverse which are in the focus of this “key note style” presentation.
Key takeaways:
  1. Content, IP and NTFs are KING
  2. The top 3 metaverse trechnologies: Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence, AR / VR
  3. The 4 levels of metaverse: - content and experience - platforms - infrastructure & hardware - enablers: security, privacy and governance, identities, payments & monetization
  4. Monetarization & play to earn conversion
  5. Evolution 2022 - 2026 - The era of testing ! (e.g.From Roblox to The Sandbox)


Arwed Grenzbach (Conflutainment GmbH)