speaker Micro Looking beyond China
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Looking beyond China

Date : Wednesday, October 30th - 11.00 - 12.00 > Room 4

Description: Moderated panel with a selection of top-notch Chinese publishers, that will elaborate on their strategy for developing, publishing and investing in games beyond the Chinese market, and talk more about the current publishing landscape in China (i.e. why looking beyond China is important), update on the current ISBN approval process and how they currently work with Western companies both in- and outside of China.

Audience: This panel is aimed at developers & publishers that have an interest in working with Chinese publishers, both for China as well as internationally. Expertise level: moderate.

Attendee Takeaways: This panel will provide an opportunity to learn more about the current status of the Chinese games market, what certain partners have to offer and what you currently can expect when you engage a Chinese publisher for publishing and/or investment, for both China as well as internationally.


Maarten De Koning (DDM)