speaker Micro Localizing your games… even on a tight budget!

Localizing your games… even on a tight budget!

Date : Tuesday, December 8th - 11.00 - 11.30 >

Description: After putting so much passion, hard-work, and time developing your games, you certainly want to reach the largest possible audience and get the longest and most successful product life cycle, right? This is when your journey in the not so well-known world of localization begins, bringing its fair share of questions and doubts. While a smooth and well thought out localization can help you gain more players, more quality and more profitability, the lack of an expert eye can result in disastrous consequences on both the localization costs and quality.
So if you want to start building a genuine localization strategy without exploding your budget, come and join Estelle Bailly, a localization expert with 20+ years of experience in the video game industry, who will guide you through the process of localizing your games!

Audience: Any publishers and game studios, indies or not, who want to localize their games. No prerequisite knowledge needed.

Attendee takeaways: Why and what you should localize
How to develop games with localization in mind
How to get your games localized (even on a tight budget)

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Estelle Bailly (Hi-Rez Studios)