speaker Micro Lessons in designing a blockchain game

Lessons in designing a blockchain game

Date : Friday, November 4th - 14.00 - 14.30 >

Description: The lecture/talk would explore some game design lessons learned from designing and the development of a blockchain game. In early 2021 I was approached to be the lead game designer and project manager for a MMO game using blockchain for NFTs and a cryptocurrency. During this time I was confronted with the realities of what is meant to design a game based on blockchain technology. My talk will aim to provide tips to designers on what to expect when designing for human behavior, free market economy, security, and play-to-earn models. Ultimately, I would like to share my story of seeing the raise and fall of DreamFuel the company behind InfinitySkies.io
Intended audience:  Who would best benefit from this session? This session would be aimed game designers, developers, and project managers. Is prerequisite knowledge necessary for understanding the content? General game design and development.
Session takeaways: What will attendees learn from the session? Attendees will takeaway several key lessons about game design and project management related to the development of a block chain game. How will the session benefit the audience? The benefit of having this knowledge should help those inexperienced with blockchain games prepare some of the issues they will come across in this domain.  


Micah Hrehovcsik (Game Architect Studio)