speaker Micro Launching June’s Journey in MENA: learnings from Wooga
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Launching June’s Journey in MENA: learnings from Wooga

Date : Tuesday, November 30th - 14.00 - 14.30 >

Description: Launching a product in a new market is never easy and requires a lot of research and effort. After significant growth in 2020 and a successful launch in the Asia-Pacific region, June’s Journey, Wooga’s successful story-driven hidden object game was launched in the Middle East and North Africa earlier this year. From market research, marketing insights, LiveOps planning, localization efforts, UA strategy and branding opportunities, Wooga will share its experience in launching the game in a promising region that has yet to reach maturity digitally.

Audience: Anyone interested in launching a product in a new market that they are not familiar with or anyone interested in orchestrating marketing activities in the MENA region. This session will be specifically interesting for Publishing teams who are growing their game and expanding its reach into new markets.

Attendee takeaways: The audience will learn from Wooga’s experience in launching their industry-leading story-driven hidden object game ‘June’s Journey’ in the MENA region. They will learn about the do’s and don’ts illustrated with a helpful checklist which also outlines a recommended sequence of events. They will also learn about the challenges, opportunities and the importance of understanding the culture and, most importantly, how to maximize the chances of success.



Alia Lassal (Wooga GmbH)