speaker Micro How to set up a co production in Europe?
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How to set up a co production in Europe?

Date : Wednesday, December 9th - 15.00 - 16.00 >

Description: Co production for gaming is an alternative way to access expertise, financing, marketing and broader reach. The panel, lead by Thierry Baujard, co founder of SpielFabrique (www.spielfabrique.eu) and of the yearly co production market for video games taking place in Strasbourg, will go in the concrete ways to develop a co production in Europe through the French and German example. Studios from each country will explain the benefits, opportunities but also the possible issues attached to a co production. Renate Schmid, a lawyer from Germany will present the contractual issues linked to the set-up of a co production.

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Thierry Baujard (SpielFabrique UG) Renate Schmid (WILDE BEUGER SOLMECKE) Felix Dreyfus (Gamexpro) Aymeric Castaing (Umanimation)