speaker Micro Getting your App featured and what’s next? Ten Hard lessons learned!
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Getting your App featured and what’s next? Ten Hard lessons learned!

Date : Thursday, November 2nd - 14.30 - 15.00 > Room 4

Description: in 2016 Imperia Online flagship title has been featured on Google Play Store, and it was a disaster. They even cancel their featuring date on Apple App Store. They just realized team weren’t ready for this. The game wasn’t on the level both platforms expected from Imperia Online Team. In this lecture Cvetan Rusimov, COO of Imperia Online, will cover few topics: - How to find your key contact at Apple and Google – three ways - How to get their attention – two ways - What features both platforms want from your game to have! – Full list of requirements. - The actual featuring – how the traffic comes, what to look for in order to grow it - What’s the hidden metrics you have to reach – exact names and numbers. - How to optimize your store listing during the featuring? - How your monetization must change during the featuring. - What to expect when tons of people, outside your target audience, start downloading the game - What to do in order to make Google and Apple to get your app featured again. Cvetan will share great insides on the matter also from their featuring process on Windows Mobile. Some details are confidential, so he will give only a hint, without breaching their NDA. Cvetan said: “Most of the self-publishing companies complains about how hard is to reach someone from Apple or Google. The truth is that 95% of the games are not suitable to be featured, because of a technical reason or just not following the development guidelines.”

Targeted public: everyone making mobile games will benefit from the lecture. It's extremely valuable, but with no limitation to: Indie Developers, Small and Medium self-publishing Developers, Platforms Relationship Managers

Takeaways: attendees will learn how to find, their contact person in Apple, Google and Microsoft. How to prepare their titles in order to get featured. What kind of metrics are the most important ones. And at the end how to avoid our mistakes during the process!


Cvetan Rusimov (Imperia Online)