speaker Micro How to come last in a race to the bottom

How to come last in a race to the bottom

Date : Wednesday, November 1st - 10.30 - 11.00 > Room 1

Description: there are more games being released on PC than ever before in the history of PC gaming. Competition is fierce and game quality is high. Yet average game prices are lower than ever and look to be dipping more. Is PC/Steam gaming headed towards the same fate as the appstore? Paradox Interactive will share hard learned lessons from the years of surviving and then thriving in in the PC market. Learn from their mistakes and live to tell the tale - and hopefully end up charging more for your game.

Targeted public: beginner to intermediate. Developers, boutique publishers and business oriented press.

Takeaways: a marathon mindset is key to let you build a strong value proposition and a sustainable business model.


Shams Jorjani (Paradox Interactive)