speaker Micro How publishers and brands are working together in the esports industry.

How publishers and brands are working together in the esports industry.

Date : Thursday, November 2nd - 11.30 - 12.00 > Room 2

Description: with millions of fans watching live the biggest events, esports have caught the eye of hundreds of brands who want to reach the youngest audiences. It’s not surprising anymore to read on a daily basis sponsorship announcements between brands, leagues, teams or pro-gamers. To such extend that sponsorship & advertising deals are set to be the driving force behind the growth of esports. And the benefits are plentiful. For the leagues, it means more resources to rent equipment and premises, bigger cash prizes to offer competing teams and better conditions to welcome the public and athletes. For the teams it is the promise of sustainability and growth. But what about publishers? How do brands and publishers work together to make esports the fastest-rising sport the entertainment industry have seen so far? How do publishers leverage brands activation to grow their esports presence? A topic from the publishers perspective that haven’t been much address before.

Targeted public: basic knowledges of esports industry, advertising and sponsorship are required. The session suits to video games publishers & leagues representatives wishing to improve their commitment on the esports industry as well as brands marketers who want to learn more about competitive gaming and work with the professionals of the industry.

Takeaways: Mathieu Lacrouts, co-founder and CEO of Hurrah, the premier creative advertising agency that’s 100% dedicated to esports, will give key insights to understand how publishers and brands are working together in the esports industry by delivering a comprehensive and thorough analysis of what is at stakes. Mathieu Lacrouts will also answer to all the attendees’ questions. How to stand out from classical partnerships? How brand sponsorships are elevating the industry?


Mathieu Lacrouts (Hurrah)