speaker Micro From press to publisher: breaking down your evaluation process
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From press to publisher: breaking down your evaluation process

Date : Tuesday, December 8th - 16.00 - 16.30 >

Description: In this short talk, Matthieu Hurel will share his experience on how much the evaluation process of games can be similar or differ between the perspective of a game journalist and the one of a game publisher. After more than ten years as specialized editor for Gamekult (and a few other printed outlets), he became a lead scout for Plug in Digital and helped the company build Dear Villagers, a new label focused on playful, distinctive and audacious premium games. From team composition to design analysis or business pits, you'll hear about the various ways your project can be scrutinized by people would could eventually help you make it a success. And in the end you might get some good gifs & bonus tips to survive 2020.

Audience: Intended for developers (or even publishers) that want some personal insight on game evaluation under two different professional prisms. No complex concepts or big technical words planned, they will definitely be explained if some of them manage to crawl into this talk. It would be nice to have at least some kind of knowledge on what press and publishers like, though!

Attendee takeaways: Developers could learn some useful info on how to pitch a game to press outlets and to game publishers, especially if they are covering premium games for consoles & PC. Hopefully this talk could also help people who are thinking about making the jump from press to publishing or the other way around.

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Matthieu Hurel (Dear Villagers)