speaker Micro Expert Eye on Monetization’s New Trends

Expert Eye on Monetization’s New Trends

Date : Wednesday, November 1st - 14.00 - 15.00 > Room 4

Description: In this panel dedicated to monetization in video games, experts from PC & Mobile space will discuss what are some of the key trends and challenges that game developers are facing today. Panelists will address what are the best monetization practices & business models of today and discuss what is likely to dominate in the future.

Targeted public: Product managers, Game designers, Monetization managers, Live Ops managers.

Takeaways: Learn about the rewarded video, premium vs F2P business models, switching from one monetization model to another, subscriptions, pricing strategy, etc...


Chris O'Kelly (Huuuge Games) Etienne Fougerousse (Ubisoft Mobile) Julien Dulioust (CCP) Nikola Cavic (Nordeus)