speaker Micro European Co production: making your game happen
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European Co production: making your game happen

Date : Thursday, October 31st - 10.00 - 10.30 > Room 1

Description: There are more and more financing incentives available in Europe. Tax credit in France and the UK, a federal fund of 50M Euro in Germany, a tax shelter in Belgium as from 2020 and many new incentives to come at regional and national levels. The best way to access these monies is to develop co production with other studios in the concerned countries. Co production is also a way to access local distribution and marketing support. SpielFabrique is a Franco German Acceleration programme focusing on cross border projects and facilitating co productions. We have already supported a couple of co productions between France and Germany and we are working on our second edition of our co production market. The Talk would be to present the opportunities and challenges of co productions of indie studios in Europe.

Audience: Targets are indie studios from Europe as well as public and financial institutions. Target studios should be interested in developing projects with other studios and share parts of the development. No prerequisite knowledge.

Attendee Takeaways: Indie Studios will learn about the potential of co production and how they can access talent, technology and financing by developing a project in common with other studios. Public and financial institutions will better understand how co productions can bring larger and better developed projects to them...


Thierry Baujard (SpielFabrique UG)