speaker Micro Efficient QA For Self-Publishing

Efficient QA For Self-Publishing

Date : Wednesday, October 30th - 11.00 - 11.30 > Room 3

Description: Most self-published studios do not have the chance to perform quality control tests on a professional level. Developers are releasing their games that they consider subjectively enough. However, these products often fall below the quality standards required by publishers. The quality standards that the games should have do not occur either during the launch phase or during the presentation phase to publishers.
In this session, the speaker presents a quality control standard that indie game developers can apply to their developed products. Game developers who apply this standard will make their products ready for the upper segment.

Audience: In this session, self-published studios and indie developers aiming to submit their games to publishers will learn about the QA mechanism in software and design.

Attendee Takeaways: The speaker will present the participants a QA standard designed for mobile games. A sample QA application will be made using this standard. The level of QA work to be done will be at the level that an indie developer can do on his own. At the end of the session, the QA standard will also be given to the participants so that they can use it in their work.


Noyan Culum (Gamelab Istanbul)