speaker Micro East meets West, Learning how to succeed in Asia

East meets West, Learning how to succeed in Asia

Date : Thursday, November 2nd - 15.30 - 16.00 > Room 3

Description: Aras Senyuz will talk about how to be successful in West with good localization and what Western gaming companies can do to become successful in Asia with case studies from Netmarble titles (Marvel Future Fight, Star Wars Force Arena, Disney Magical Dice, 7 Knights and more)

Targeted public: developers, publishers, localization agencies, game enthusiasts, investors who are seeking out more information about Asian markets and their trends.

Takeaways: attendees will learn about: 1)Growth and current state of mobile gaming market. 2) Comparison of Top Grossing Games in Asian and Western Markets in last two years and how these markets are evolved. 3)Trends and popular genres of Asian markets and how they differ from West. 4) Which social platforms need to be used in order to reach the right audience in Asia. 5) Core in-game features of successful Asian games (auto-play, event details, monetization models, VIP systems, extensive PvP and social features etc.) 6) Localization case studies from Netmarble titles. 7)Purchasing behaviours of Asian and Western players.


Aras Şenyüz (Netmarble EMEA)