speaker Micro Creating Meaningful UX Processes For Indies On a Budget

Creating Meaningful UX Processes For Indies On a Budget

Date : Wednesday, December 1st - 14.00 - 14.30 >

Description: This talk will teach listeners how to easily turn day to day development actions into UX research efforts that can help developers create more user-friendly games and, in turn, cater to wider audiences. The key pillars of the presentation focus on designing, (play)testing and debriefing analyzed through a UX lense, identifying possible ways developers can implement UX practices with little to no budget and minimal overheads. The main takeaway is that UX is about the mindset and willingness to shift it in order to realize that UX processes can work in harmony with existing development activities.

“Design” section is about creating features with clear intention and goal for the user. Thinking about testability and how simple tools like tension maps, difficulty curve graphs, and simple user journeys can make development more data-driven and focused.

“(Play)testing” part will present the best practices of preparing playtesting sessions. Attendees will hear about the limitations of playtesting and learn about alternative methods.

“Debrief” section is focused on a crucial, learning part of every research project regardless of scale. Good debrief practices, research follow up goals and how to conduct such sessions for the team (or solo – it’s still very helpful to keep structure) are the main topics of this part.

Audience: The presentation is intended for entry-level solo developers and small teams interested in user-centered approach in game development.

Attendee takeaways: The talk offers recommendations on how to structure UX strategy from research to implementation to improve user experience. Attendees can learn ways to maximize the output of the testing process with limited resources, to design with testability in mind and to structure debrief sessions that support the UX process.



Lukasz Stawarz (All in! games)