speaker Micro Ceci n’est pas un jeu. The new state of the games industry.

Ceci n’est pas un jeu. The new state of the games industry.

Date : Wednesday, November 1st - 14.30 - 15.00 > Room 1

Description: the games industry today looks nothing like it did thirty years ago. Valued at €90B this year, the market for interactive entertainment continues to thrive when television, film, and other media industries struggle. Content creators and publishers find themselves in a powerful position as traditional media firms seek to understand how games manage to attract audiences where other entertainment segments continue to erode. In this lecture, we’ll review the current state of the industry and get an informed look at how both large and small game companies adapt to this new market environment.

Targeted public: TBC

Takeaways: attendees will learn about the current entertainment landscape, major drivers of change, and the different strategies from top companies in interactive entertainment today. Familiarity with the entertainment industry is helpful but not necessary to attend.


Joost van Dreunen (Superdata Research)