speaker Micro Adult Gaming – An Emerging Market

Adult Gaming – An Emerging Market

Date : Thursday, November 2nd - 14.30 - 15.30 > Room 1

Description: Welcome to the world of adult games. The adult gaming industry has been struggling to gain credibility and traction in the interactive entertainment market and get the attention it deserves. While Hentai visual novels and ero-games have always appealed to western audiences, it has mostly been considered more of a video game subculture than a standalone industry. With limitations brought on by difficulties in localizing Japanese games and lack of funding for indie projects, few titles actually made it to the western market. However, the innovation brought on by Nutaku in the form of the largest English-language adult gaming platform succeeded in bringing multiple 18+ games under the spotlight. From KPI’s to case studies, this talk aims to provide more information about the still-emerging industry of adult video games and to highlight the achievements of its biggest names in what is, the most exciting time for this young industry. Explore the history of adult games and where they fit in today’s interactive entertainment market, see what makes them tick and why western players are so immersed in their world.

Targeted public: our discussion would be both aimed at Indy developers looking to break in to the gaming scene, publishers looking for new avenues to put games, and gaming enthusiasts that want to see something new and different in the industry.

Takeaways: attendees will learn about a completely new avenue to publish games that is easy to get involved with and very lucrative. They will learn all about the emerging market which is Adult games, as well as the numbers behind it, and the platform that makes it all possible.


David Lalonde (Nutaku) Kirstin Bosc (Remote Control Production) Marco Busse (European games Group AG) Taina Ionita (SuperHippo)