speaker Micro Addictive Storytelling on Mobile
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Addictive Storytelling on Mobile

Date : Tuesday, October 29th - 10.30 - 11.00 > Room 1

Description: We are now seeing more and more top-selling games like (Homescapes, Lily's Garden, Episode, Choices, Harry Potter) emerge with narrative as a differentiator. But creating a great story isn't as easy as it looks. This talk will discuss why storytelling can help acquire and keep players, and outline specific techniques for how and when to use narrative in your game. Audience will be shown examples from mobile game and from Telltale games that demonstrate interactive narrative best practices. Also, we will discuss pitfalls and easy mistakes to make, so that these may be avoided or rectified during development.

Audience: Mobile developers who want to include narrative as a way to attract and retain players. But, the topic of how interactive narrative works may be of interest to many game devs, even in AAA.

Prerequisites: None. The talk will be aimed at devs who are just beginning to explore interactive narrative, with more broad concepts and techniques demonstrated for maximum appeal.

Attendee Takeaways: Attendees should takeaway a high-level appreciation of what sorts of narratives tend to work in mobile (in contrast to AAA), and how interactive story must differ to film, TV or comics.


Ryan Kaufman (Jam City)