speaker Micro A year of ASO AB tests. ZooCraft review
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A year of ASO AB tests. ZooCraft review

Date : Wednesday, October 30th - 11.00 - 11.30 > Room 2

Description: This Session we will talk about our experience in A/B testing game creatives on Google Play with our mobile title ZooCraft: Animal Family. We managed to increase our page view/installs conversion for the most important countries. Topics: The connection between UA and ASO creatives Gathering our core audience’s psychological portrait and predicting the reaction for new creatives.

Audience: Marketing specialists, community managers, UA specialists, marketing artists, creative managers

Attendee Takeaways: Attendees should have the following takeaways
  • One year review of casual mobile game marketing creatives
  • Description of the path with a lot of fails to the influential image Leaders
  • Preparing the marketing assets for a big worldwide holidays


Sergei Kharchenko (Creative Mobile)