speaker Micro 10 steps for successful M&A deal
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10 steps for successful M&A deal
Description: In September 2018 Imperia Online was acquired by Stillfront Group in a deal that could goes up to 27.5 million euro. As COO of Imperia Online, Cvetan was one of the guys involved in the process from Day Zero. He will walk you through the whole deal from the company preparation, choosing the right partner, through the whole negotiation process, to the internal announcement. Join him on stage, to see what the biggest challenges was. After 25 min. you will know what the key pillars for a successful M&A deal are.

Audience: Everyone that works in a gaming industry will benefit from the lecture. It's extremely valuable, but with no limitation to: Indie Developers, Small and Medium self-publishing Developers, Publishers of all size and Studio Heads. No prerequisite knowledge is necessary for understanding the content

Attendee Takeaways: Cvetan will tell the story of their Acquisition. It was his firs exit so, he didn't know that there are thousands of ways to break a M&A deal. In the beginning even the company structure was not even appropriate for deals.. So they spent 18 months dealing with tons of problems, but finally made it. Now he's ready to share their mistake and what are the key moments before, during and after the deal - like:
  • What is the easiest way a find a buyer?
  • What is the business model for M&A deals?
  • How you value your company?
  • I have a LOI, what is next?
  • What is Due Diligence, and what could go wrong?
  • How to boost my profit margin?


Cvetan Rusimov (Imperia Online JSC)