Conference details | November 3-4

AI Trends in User Acquisition

Thursday, November 3rd

Special Talks By: Phil Shpilberg, Pixis

App publishers and UA leaders will gain insights into AI’s growing impact on performance marketing from Phil Shpilberg, founder of GameChangerSF, a leading game marketing and data science company. Phil joined Pixis, a codeless AI infrastructure company for marketing, in 2022.

Expanding Humankind: 14 lessons learned from 14 months of live production

Thursday, November 3rd

Categories: Special Talks By: Émilien Gorisse, Amplitude

Brace yourself for the best moment of the production: the live phase! Humankind is not our first (and hopefully, nor our last) live game, but it sure gave us interesting insights about how the community and the production team could dance together all night long. But who is leading? We will discuss 14 things I […]

Increase your chance of success through co production

Friday, November 4th

Categories: Special Talks By: Thierry Baujard, Spielfabrique UG, Germany

Co-production for the indie game studio is an interesting alternative way to build stronger games through access to skills and funding from different countries. Come and listen to the best ways to develop co-productions by joining the SpielFabrique platform supported by Creative Europe.

Long tail revenue in Web3 and a frustrated punk bassist’s legacy

Thursday, November 3rd

Categories: Special Talks By: Alex Rodriguez, Freeverse

This presentation focuses on the possibility for games to continue building revenue over time, rather than succumbing to a flatline reality of diminishing profits post-launch. Secondary markets offer a new forward for game developers. Add on mutability and evolution of digital assets and unlock the potential for exponential revenue growth over time. This talk will […]

Managing a creative team remotely around the world

Thursday, November 3rd

Categories: Special Talks By: Romain Piegay, Advenworks

Since 2017 – before COVID made it cool – Advenworks studio has been managing a worldwide team of senior game developers remotely. CEO Romain Piegay will present the organizations, processes & tools they implement to achieve the smooth running of game development and share remote game production tips.

SauRay(TM): a decisive blow to wallhacks!

Friday, November 4th

Categories: Special Talks By: Baktash Abdollah-shamshir-saz, TooMuchVoltage Software

This talk introduces SauRay(TM): a server-side hardware-raytracing anti-wallhack solution. It will cover the background leading to this solution, some other prior attempts, challenges involved, the solutions devised for those challenges, the cost of deployment and some dos and don’ts for netcode architects. Time permitting there will be a live demo as well with a tiny […]

The present and future in E-sport industry of Korea and France

Thursday, November 3rd

Categories: Special Talks By: The present and future in E-sport industry of Korea and France

13H30 – 13H35 : Introduction about KOCCA and conference speaker  13H35 – 13H55 : first speech “The present and future of game/e-sports industry in Korea” by Korea Creative Content Agency, Regional Content Promotion Department  Brief description of the presentation :  The current status of game/e-sport industry in Korea The regional game/e-sport industry promotion activities of […]

Vehicle Sound Design for Farming Simulator

Friday, November 4th

Categories: Special Talks By: Kris Caprani, GIANTS Software

Kris is showcasing the audio pipeline for recording and implementing vehicles into the Farming Simulator series.   He discusses their approach to recording tractors, detailing the equipment, techniques, and conditions that are used to capture the sound of these complex machines.   Next, he demonstrates how audio recordings are edited and processed to make high-quality […]