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Creating Meaningful UX Processes For Indies On a Budget

Wednesday, December 1st

Development By: Lukasz Stawarz, All in! games

Description: This talk will teach listeners how to easily turn day to day development actions into UX research efforts that can help developers create more user-friendly games and, in turn, cater to wider audiences. The key pillars of the presentation focus on designing, (play)testing and debriefing analyzed through a UX lense, identifying possible ways developers […]

Meditation for game developers

Thursday, December 2nd

Categories: Development By: Jan Meppen, LUDINC

Description: Mental health is a topic rarely discussed but it has now become more important than ever, especially in the games industry. In this talk, you will learn how to build practices and routines that help improve your life and stay sane in challenging situations. I will share my own experience of building a regular […]