From press to publisher: breaking down your evaluation process

Publishing / Business By: Matthieu Hurel, Dear Villagers

Description: In this short talk, Matthieu Hurel will share his experience on how much the evaluation process of games can be similar or differ between the perspective of a game journalist and the one of a game publisher. After more than ten years as specialized editor for Gamekult (and a few other printed outlets), he […]

Intellivision Amico: Redefining entertainment with family and friends

Categories: Publishing / Business By: Hans Ippisch, Intellivision Entertainment

Description: Families consider technology in a negative manner sometimes. Intellivision Entertainment is using technology to bring families and friends back together of all skill levels. Intellivision Amico is about to get back to the core roots of gaming with a home entertainment system, that invites everyone to gather and play games together side by side. […]

Monetization, Growth And How To Make Your Game From Zero To Hero

Categories: Monetization By: Vasil Gospodinov, Imperia Online

Description: The purpose of this session is to provide general knowledge of how monetization works and how to best practice it. You will hear about the standard practices as well as how Imperia Online uses them to incentivise their players to become payers, and payers to continue to pay. Audience: This session will be beneficial […]

Publishing your game in the MENA region

Categories: Publishing / Business By: Hussam Hammo, Tamatem Inc.

Description: Tamatem is the leading mobile game publisher in the MENA region. The MENA region is a very attractive place for game developers and publishers to publish their games, it has the highest ARPPU in the world and the number of Arabic games on the app store is very minimal. The Arab mobile games market […]

Smart self publishing guide to kickstart your studio

Categories: Publishing / Business By: Fernando Cordoba, MeNic Games

Description: In this lecture, I will share tips that I’ve learned in the last five years going from a solo amateur game developer to forming my own independent studio of six people. I will talk about the importance of setting realistic goals according to your production scope and growing on each iteration. Specifically, I will […]

The power of one-click mobile gaming

Categories: User Acquisition By: Benjamin Athuil, CareGame

Description: Downloads represent the current mandatory step for enjoying a mobile game, but this step reaches its limits today.. isn’t another way possible? Learn how one-click mobile gaming can open a lot of doors thanks to streaming technologies. 1) Downloading a game comes with more and more limitations (size of games, compatability, conversion funnel) 2) […]

Understanding the Publishing Funnel

Categories: Publishing / Business By: Théophile Tabary, Voodoo

Description: This talk will provide a detailed overview of the goals, rules and best practices in publishing hypercasual and casual mobile titles, from Voodoo’s years of expereince and successes. It takes great skill and understanding of the market to turn a good prototype into a worldwide chart topping success, and Théophile Tabary is an expert […]