5 reasons to enter Russian market

Publishing By: Elena Egorova, Mail.ru Group

Russian market may seem challenging and risky for games marketers. However its potential is huge: after all, it’s Europe’s largest market in terms of app installs. With the right knowledge and approach your game will find millions of dedicated players, and we in Mail.ru, biggest Russian IT holding, are glad to share all the data […]

ASO – What have we learned after successfully launching over 600 apps

Categories: User Acquisition - sponsored by Lab Cave Games By: Enric Pedró, Lab Cave

Description: TBA Audience: App Developers looking to improve their organic traffic

Creative UA strategies: Best practices from Wooga

Categories: User Acquisition - sponsored by Lab Cave Games By: Elena Tsarkova, Wooga GmbH

These days it’s extremely important to stand out with your marketing activities in order to attract users to your product. Same goes to a mobile gaming market, with so many games out there it became extremely difficult to show a uniqueness of each game and why user should play exactly that one and not another. […]

Developing an influencer marketing strategy: where to start?

Categories: User Acquisition - sponsored by Lab Cave Games By: Andrej Kugonic, Nordeus Ingrid Florin Muller, Ankama

Influencer marketing acts a facilitator in the ARM race. Choosing relevant talents and building a fruitful collaboration with them is time demanding, while measuring results can be challenging. Nevertheless, the long term value of working with influencers in acquiring new users for a game, reengaging lapsed players and monetizing them is unquestionnable. How can I […]

External Development – tips and steps to manage a successful relationship with your vendor

Categories: xDev By: Réka Sugár, Electronic Arts

The presentation would show what kind of steps you need to make in order to build a working relationship with your vendor in 4 steps: finding the right vendor, onboarding process, the work itself and retrospective.

GaaS Monetization – Case Study: Star Wars Battlefront 2 and the Lootbox Outcry

Categories: Monetization By: Patrick Rose, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

The lootbox debate was one of loudest of the past few months, going beyond the usually narrow confines of industry debate, and attracting the attention of legislators in several countries around the world. Discussions about lootbox monetization systems are not a new thing, but the release of Star Wars Battlefront 2 attracted the attention of […]

How Localization can help your Asian game being successful in Europe

Categories: Localization / QA By: Aras Şenyüz, Netmarble EMEA

As one of the biggest game publisher of the World “Netmarble EMEA” have been working on many great games’ localization from Asia to EMEA. EMEA stands for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Been a part of this multi-cultural organization Netmarble EMEA has gained significant experience and Aras Şenyüz has a really key role in it. […]

How to crack down The Great Wall of China

Categories: Publishing By: Cvetan Rusimov, Imperia Online

Description: Two years in a row, as Jury of IMGA China Awards, Cvetan played and analysed more than 300 of the top Chinese games. He founded that developers from both sides of the ocean, could learn from each other, but first they have to go deeper in the culture and psychology of the other side. […]

How to Find and Work with a Publisher

Categories: Publishing By: Christina Seelye, Maximum Games

This presentation will include steps for finding a publisher, what to look for or avoid, and how to maximize a publisher relationship.

How to target a niche audience: short and long term strategies

Categories: Publishing By: Marco Minoli, Slitherine LTD

In December 2017, in one month only, Steam published more than 800 games. How can you promote your new game hoping to be seen by gamers on a so crowded online platform? Marco Minoli, Marketing Director for Slitherine LTD, explains our strategy to approach Steam and other digital shops and give greater visibility to our […]

Make your way to the Korean market

Categories: Publishing By: Sean Lim, Kunlun Korea

What are the core factors for successful Kroean game maket entry – as a publisher or as a developer through partnership with Korean game market players ? The core success and considered factors are presented for overseas game developers or publishers considering Korean market entry as a publisher or publishing partnership with Korean publisher as […]

MENA Rising

Categories: Publishing By: Eyad AlBasheer, Tamatem Inc.

When you think of publishing a game in a foreign market, the MENA region may not be one of the more obvious options available to you. However, the Arab region is quickly becoming a big mover in the global market for mobile game developers. In recent years, the market has seen a huge amount of […]

Mobile Game Launch Failed: What Now?

Categories: Publishing By: Samir El Agili, Tilting Point

In today’s mobile industry, 99% of game launches fail. Most developers will not dwell on their failures and move on to the next project, although there are alternative routes for a disappointing launch. Join Samir El Agili, President of Tilting Point, in his talk about the ways around a failed F2P launch through levers of […]

Riding the explosive mobile growth in India

Categories: Publishing By: Scott Prather, JetSynthesys

India continues to explode with mobile usage. The chart-leading region sees 500M+ downloads every month and shows no sign in slowing.Players in India are hungry for gaming content and continue to dominate the download charts, but many developers need assistance learning about how to turn a download into a profitable opportunity in India. This session […]

Successfully Publish Premium Mobile Games in 2018

Categories: Publishing By: Arthur Dosne, Asmodee Xavier Liard, Playdigious

Premium (Paid) games are hard to publish on mobile today and account for less that 1% of the market. However with the increasing difficulty to sell indie games on Steam and Switch, the mobile platform should not be underestimated especially for certains game categories. The goal of this presentation would be to illustrate how we […]

The Funding Mix – from crowd to public moneys

Categories: Publishing By: Michael Liebe, Kickstarter / Booster Space

Funding is one of the biggest challenges for game developers. I want to present some sources of funding, how they can be mixed and how crowdfunding (Kickstarter) can be a part of the funding puzzle. In a nutshell it is about smart combinations of different sources based on the stage of development.

The importance of local payment methods in the global gaming marketplace

Categories: Monetization By: Faheem Bakshi, Kinguin

This presentation will explain how the gaming marketplace can benefit with local country’s payment method. We will show case study of Kinguin which is global marketplace and expanded its businesses locally with local payment method and audience.

The Rise of the Adult gaming Market

Categories: Publishing By: Jeff Tremblay, Nutaku

Description: Developers are struggling to generate revenues from the traditional distribution channels. Emerging for the last few years is an untapped market addressing the Adult market. By “adultifying” great games who lacked exposure and sales, we provide the Developer with an extended game life as well as additional revenues. The Adult gaming market addresses all […]

The Three Pillars of Free-to-Play Monetization

Categories: Monetization By: Antubel Moreda, Flaregames

“After marketing support, expertise on monetization is the most sought-after service that mobile game developers expect from a publishing partner like Flaregames. Developers want to know the key issues when evaluating a game’s monetization, and for this we often fall back on the Three Pillars of Monetization: our model which examines the critical factors underlying […]

Working with publishers on external development projects

Categories: xDev By: Bobby Wertheim, Sega Carl Schmidt, Zynga Mitsuo Hirakawa, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Description: Panel discussion on building and managing relationships with publisher/developer, and how to get stay competitive in an ever-congested market. The discussion will also cover how independent developers should approach pitching new concepts to publishers for funding and marketing support. Audience: Work for hire and co-dev vendors offering their services to publishers/developers, as well as independent developers […]