Fernando Cordoba is the Director of MeNic Games, an independent game development studio based in Cordoba, Argentina.

In 2016 he developed and published the game BalanCity on Steam, a goofy mixture between old-school Sim City and Jenga. Currently working on several projects such as Space Routine, a “Humble Original” title, Fata Morgana: Cities Beyond Clouds, and Tinytopia.

He is also vice director of the Game Development Career of IES College since 2010.

Fernando Cordoba sessions

Smart self publishing guide to kickstart your studio
Tuesday, December 8th

Description: In this lecture, I will share tips that I’ve learned in the last five years going from a solo amateur game developer to forming my own independent studio of six people. I will talk about the importance of setting realistic goals according to your production scope and growing on each iteration. Specifically, I will […]