Valentine Ledour is a game’s industry marketing veteran, with 7 years of experience promoting a variety of titles to international audiences, from PC MMORPGs to casual mobile games. Curious of everything and a passionate gamer, she has worked in community, product marketing, research and advertising roles. Two years ago she joined Wooga in Berlin, where she has been focussing on the growth and brand development as the Marketing Lead for the companies’ hit game June’s Journey. Valentine believes in a 360° approach to marketing, punctuated by big hallmark projects that bring contagious excitement both to the team and to the brand audiences.

Valentine Ledour sessions

Player-centric Marketing: A Story of Glitter, Tears and Talents
Tuesday, October 29th

Description: Authenticity and personal connections are essential to communication and community. Wooga took this to the next level with an extensive promotional contest bringing players from around the world to their offices for a week. Hear the challenges and get tips for bringing your audience to life in this story-driven presentation.