Andrew is the CEO of Enter Capital, an investment and advisory firm from San Francisco with deep expertise in the global IT and Game development industries. He executed dozens of successful investments and M&A deals, including a cross-border sale of Sperasoft to Keywords Studios for $27 million. For reference, his closed deal account amounting to $1.5 billion. Andrew is one of the winners of the Emerging Leaders Award (f/k/a 40 under 40), the Dealmaker Nomination by The M&A Advisor, New York.

Andrew Ponomar sessions

Consolidation (M&A) and Investment in the gaming space

Description: WIll treat Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) topic at XDS conference organized by Electronic Arts in Vancouver. Audience:Owners of independent studious, Executives of large publishers Attendee Takeaways: Consolidation and investment trends in the industry, how the market is changing when publishers are scooping independent players, what to expect in the following years. We will also […]