Arthur Dosne is both a video & board games passionate and an expert in digital gaming. He has worked in the area of digital video games for 10 years. He has been focused on digital games marketing (especially mobile) and has learnt product management in companies such as Ubisoft and Gameloft, other gaming companies, and has extensive experience in operational marketing to strategy, including ASO, community development, PR, social media, pitching, positioning and messaging. He now works with Asmodee Digital as Head of Brand & Product to bring the best of board games to the digital space.

Arthur Dosne sessions

Making the most out of your tabletop IP as a videogame
Wednesday, October 30th

Description: Board games, card games and pen & paper RPGs have recently enjoyed a dramatic surge in popularity. But does a great tabletop property make a good video game? In 4 years of existence, Asmodee Digital published over 40 titles, learning valuable lessons along the way. We will explain how this unique brand of IP […]