Samir El Agili, is President and Chief Product Officer at Tilting Point, he runs the day-to-day operations and drives the company’s service offering and product portfolio working with all development partners.

As president and CPO of Tilting Point, Samir has been fundamental in the fast acceleration of the company in terms of staff, from 10 to 80 employees and revenue growth, which is 5x higher year over year.

Prior to joining Tilting Point, Samir was the Vice-President of Production for the US and Latin America at Gameloft, where he founded and managed nine development studios and over 1200 employees across the US and Latin America. During this time, Samir lead the development and publishing of over 55 mobile games that have been downloaded over 1 billion times including mobile hit games like Spider-Man Unlimited, Cars: Fast as Lightning, Ice Age Village, The Oregon Trail: American Settler, Zombiewood, that have grossed over $500 Millions.

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