Carina has her background in linguistics and translation. She is passionate about language, communication, games, art, nature, music and people. Two of her most exciting experiences before joining King were spending a year working on an eco-farm at the Norwegian coast and helping to restore an old castle in North-Western Germany. Carina was the second person to start working in the Localization Team at King. The year was 2012 and Candy Crush Saga was about to be launched on mobile. Today she is taking care of localization projects for the Candy Franchise and new exciting games, working with Vendor Management as well as leading a small division of the team. Carina is also involved in the Swedish branch of the Women in Games movement.

Carina Köhler sessions

A Sweet Saga – Localization Quality in the Candy Kingdom
Thursday, November 2nd

Description: This is a sweet talk about the journey the Localization team at King went on when Candy Crush Saga crushed the markets. Carina will talk about the challenges and opportunities that come with working in an Agile environment. The attendees will get an insight on how localization contributes to achieve high quality products throughout […]